Welcome to Mike McLean Mutes

Mike McLean Mutes are hand crafted personally by me, Mike McLean in the UK.

All of my mutes are designed and built to meet specific needs, I didn’t want to simply re-make mutes that are already available, where I believe there is a requirement for a particular sound colour or effect I will design and build a mute to meet it. Pick up any of my mutes and you will immediately hear and feel a difference.

I have designed a cornet cup mute to be used in the brass band idiom, where often a much warmer muted sound is required than is generally available. I also have a trumpet cup mute designed for use in the Big Band where less warmth and more projection are required. Only a brass player who has sat on the contest/concert platform under pressure could have designed my range of pianissimo mutes, play a good firm dynamic and have the muted sound speak at pianissimo, perfectly in tune!

My modular Tuba Mute system has been designed to meet the requirements of Tuba players. A mute that allows all the notes to be played, in tune, with a good sound, offers easy transportability and storage with options for straight, practice and cup without having to purchase a different mute.

My range of compact practice/warm up mutes for all instruments from Flugel to Tuba are designed to be functional and affordable, I don’t make any claims that these mutes play perfectly in tune, although I have done as well as can be expected given the size constraints. These mutes, particularly the Euphonium mute, were designed to meet the needs of the travelling soloist and some of the worlds top players find them very useful. You can read some of their comments with the details of the mutes.

I have many more mutes available, some that just change the sound colour of the instrument without muting very much at all!.

If you have a particular requirement or need a special colour, pick up the phone and speak to me or contact me by email, I am a brass player and I understand what you mean.

Mike McLean Mutes – Made by a brass player for brass players!